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Transform your leadership with Mindfulness practice
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Mindfulness Can Improve Strategy, Too

Nice summary in Harvard Business Review online by the authors. They outline mindfulness practices that you can use to enhance your strategy work and that you can integrate into strategy sessions and retreats. For the article:

Three Mantras to Becoming a More Mindful (and Successful!) Manager

Today’s managers face a stressful reality: they are always under pressure, always on, information overloaded and distracted. This reality is a non-stop attack on their attention. Researchers have found that our attention has decreased significantly over the past decade. To be precise, we are involuntarily not paying attention 47% of our waking hours. It is...

How to Practice Mindfulness Throughout Your Workday

I thought you would be interested in this recent article from Harvard Business Review online. It’s one of their most popular articles and outlines the Potential Project’s approach to incorporating mindfulness practices into the work day. Here’s the article: